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Mustache Mentorship/Internship



In a Health and Wellness program? Studying Exercise Science? Finishing up an Undergraduate or Graduate program? Want to learn from one of the best strength coaches in WNY? Send us an inquiry and let's get started today.  We are affiliated with Buffalo State University, Canisius University, University at Buffalo, DYouville University, Damen University, and Niagara University.


Looking to break into the coaching world? Interested in becoming a personal trainer but don't know where to start?  Want to open a gym? We have just recently started taking on a mentorship role for up and coming coaches and gym owners.  With my 16 years of experience, I can share all of my knowledge with you.  We are talking on mentorship clients on an individual basis and either can be remote or local in person.  This can be set up with any one of the following packages:


Single hour video call/in person consult session- $75 per hour

Monthly mentorship (includes 6 in person or video sessions- $420 monthly

10 pack of video call/in person consult sessions- $650 per 10 pack


Send us an inquiry today!   

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