Behind the Mustache

Mustache Fitness & Barbell

First thing's first: this is a gym, barbell club, & a strength and conditioning facility. This isn't the facility where Johnny and Sally are texting their whole workout.  This is a place where people go to work.  We are getting away from the beaten path and taking things up a notch.  We are talking about squatting lower than you ever have,  and pushing more weight than you ever could imagine!  We are trying to make a difference with you!  We are here to individualize your program.  Whatever it is that you are looking to accomplish... we are looking to make it better!  


A strong mind is the only thing you need.

 Working out is 100% mental and part of our objective is to have a community and culture that creates teamwork by getting better as individuals!  We have a place that people want to be at and want to get stronger, mentally and physically.  

The sky is the limit!


Ever since the 1990s, we have lost the "gym" aspect of fitness. What I mean by this is we don't have a place to LIFT anymore.  All we have are one-stop-shop fitness centers.  Now don't get me wrong these fitness centers are beautiful with their swimming pools, state-of-the-art equipment, hundreds of pieces of cardio equipment, and cheap rate memberships.  Believe me, these gyms have purposes in our local city of Buffalo.  However, for our true lifting woman and man, this is not enough.  We need to actually lift and not have people curl in our squat rack or hog the bench on a Monday.  We need a place to grow together in the lifting community.  We need a place to go to get away from the beaten path and actually improve our strength and power!  We need a place to call ourselves at home! This is why I am making it happen and checking my depth and starting Mustache Fitness and Barbell.

Mustache Fitness and Barbell Powerlifting Team Tonowanda New York