Remote programming prices


Don't live in Buffalo?  No problem!  We offer remote programming for any type of lifter.  Body building, powerlifting, weightlifting, general strength training, weightloss, etc we cover it all. Before we start actually programming, I first send you an invoice for the plan of your choice then we set up a facetime/skype assessment where we go over goals, and how we go about training at Mustache as well as my philosophy. Before we start actually programming, I send you an invoice and we start with a in person/skype/facetime session so i can get to know you a little bit and ask some questions pertaining how to help/program for you best!  This includes your month program (anywhere from 3-5 weeks at a time, depending on our initial FaceTime session).  You will be lifting 3-5 days a week (again based on our facetime conversation).  I can give you nutritional guidance, so this means general macro count and a grocery list.  I wont give out exact diet plans because i am not  a registered dietitian and will never claim to be one.  however I can guide you in the right direction  and manipulate those numbers accordingly (this is an additional 10 with remote programming).  My Philosophy has been equation of the last 10 years of experience.  A good word to describe it would be “phasic” style training.  I take athletes through different types of phases and stay in those phases depending on what your different goals/needs/weaknesses are.  Everyone gets a different customized plan, so it’s a little hard to say exactly how long and what phase you will be in or duration you will be in it for.  That’s something we go over in our initial meeting.  But usually we spend most of training in hypertrophy and strength blocks, especially if we are working on building a foundation.  You also constantly get video analysis, after every fit you send me videos and i always will get you feed back within 12-24 hours (typically within an hour, sometimes in house clients can delay that). 

$125 per month 

$660 for 6 months up front

$1,200 for 12 months up front 

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