Nutrition coaching prices


Don't live in Buffalo?  No problem!  We offer nutrition for any type of lifter.  Body building, powerlifting, weightlifting, general strength training, weightloss, etc we cover it all. Before we start actually coaching, I first send you an invoice for the plan of your choice then we set up a facetime/skype assessment where we go over goals, and how we structure nutrition based on your lifestyle. Before we start actually programming, I send you an invoice and we start with a in person/skype/facetime session so I can get to know you a little bit and ask some questions pertaining how to help/program for you best!  This includes your month program a 4 week block of macros (may or may not be the saem for 4 weeks, when we check in weekly we go over this).  I can give you nutritional guidance, so this means general macro count and a grocery list.  I wont give out exact diet plans because i am not  a registered dietitian and will never claim to be one.  however I can guide you in the right direction  and manipulate those numbers accordingly.  My Philosophy has been equation of the last 10 years of experience.  Everyone gets a different customized plan, so it’s a little hard to say exactly what percentages and macros you will have individually (will be discussed during facetime session).  You also constantly get constant communication with me, i always will get you feed back within 12-24 hours (typically within an hour, sometimes in house clients can delay that). 

$50 per month 

$270 for 6 months up front

$480 for 12 months up front 

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